Monday, November 19, 2012

Gearing up for Christmas

Outside my window...mild and sunny.  Not typical for the end of November.
I am thinking...not quite sure what’s happening between Israel and Gaza, but I hope it stops before it escalates.
I am hoping...they remembered at work that there are only two of us on tonight, and don’t accept extra patients as if there were three nurses. Oh, and the staff meeting last week went okay. I was quite stressed over it, but I spoke my mind, and my boss agreed that we would float off the unit by reverse seniority, so I’m safe 90 % of the time.  (sigh of relief)
I am thankful for...a great SGF assembly. So encouraging to hear reports from our sister churches and from ministries around the world. Great preaching by Steve West.
From the kitchen...Atlantic salmon, basmati rice, and green beans.
I am hearing...silence. I like that sometimes.
I am wearing...still in my p.j.’s after my pre-work nap, but I’m just about to get ready to go to work.
I am reading...Jeremiah. Trying to catch up with my Bible reading on my kindle. Such a busy month.
Around the house...must start my Christmas decorating this week. Maybe one or two things per day, and finish on Saturday with a tree.  
One of my favourite things...fresh Atlantic salmon on sale.
Some plans for the four nights. Finish up my Christmas letter and get it printed. Get a haircut. Send my bio and picture for the second retreat brochure. Write two blog posts. Send in my College of Nurses registration. It’s kind of important if I want to keep working. Finish the article for Barnabas. I’m doing a marriage theme in light of our daughter’s recent wedding. Begin Christmas shopping for our Finnish side family Christmas celebration the first weekend of December. Choose a topic for the Women of Faith Christmas brunch, probably one I already have done, to save time. Church on Sunday.

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