Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Break

Outside my window...dark, cold. Little snow on the ground. Probably as close as we’ll get to a white Christmas in Toronto.

I am thinking...I love my job, but if I could stay home full time, I would do it.

I am hoping...we can get our washing machine repaired. Funny, I appreciated it before, but even more now when I am doing some by hand.

I am thankful for...getting a good start on my messages. I finished 1 and ½ of the first four for February.

From the kitchen...roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots, confetti cake.

I am hearing...a romantic comedy called Fool’s Gold.
I am wearing...pajamas.

I am reading...the book of Revelation. Almost done reading the Bible. Yay!
Around the mom and sister and nieces have left for Florida.

One of my favourite things...being ready for Christmas. It’s an enjoyable holiday when it’s not stressful.

Some plans for the week...just the three of us for Finnish Christmas tomorrow. First I have to find a Laundromat because our washer is not draining. My husband took it apart to try to fix it, but wasn’t able to. Not a fan of Laundromats, especially on Christmas, but the pile of laundry is growing.I know I’m getting a sewing machine so I may do a few little projects. Then to my brother-in-law’s for Jamaican Christmas on the 25th.  Cleaning out my pantry on the 26th and going to see the Bond movie that night. I work Thursday night, then I’m off for five more nights over New Years’.

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