Monday, December 17, 2012

Wiley Coyote

Outside my window...another mild day. No snow.

I am thinking...this week was tragic, with the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. I can’t imagine what those families are going through. So senseless.

I am get my first message written this weekend. So far I have a bunch of disjointed points. I have a few moments of panic, but I haven’t prayed about it enough, either.

I am thankful for...Kody being safe even though he chased a coyote into the bush on Saturday. It could easily have turned on him or gotten its friends and come back. It was bigger than him. He’s also not aware of what he was dealing with. Since he doesn’t back down, it could have been ugly.

From the kitchen...meat eggrolls and rice.

I am hearing...silence. Just how I like it when I first wake up.

I am wearing...pajamas. Almost time to get ready for work.
I am reading...Jenna’s Cowboy. Yeah, I know it sounds cheesy but it’s not bad.

Around the house... I finally got one of the official wedding pictures and can now send off the rest of my Christmas cards. Better late than never. My husband’s cousin was visiting from Florida and we took her out for lunch at the Mandarin yesterday. We had a nice visit with old friends, the best man from our wedding and my husband’s Sunday school teacher from his teen years, and their wives. We even played a board game called Things, and laughed and laughed.

One of my favourite things...feeling on top of things at Christmas. It’s more relaxing that way.

Some plans for the three nights, then I’m off for SEVEN days over Christmas. I love my job. Thursday night is the Leadership Christmas dinner. We’ll be at Memories of Japan. I love that place, that’s why I suggested it. Plus it’s reasonably priced and fun. Saturday, I just have to buy one or two small gifts, then I’m done.

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