Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ten Things I Love About My Husband's Character

1. He is level-headed and makes wise decisions. I trust him. I tend to make decisions based on emotions.
2. He works hard. He could probably find an easier job, but he keeps it to provide well for our family.
3. He is kind to everyone in our family. He wins over everyone who meets him. He has been this way consistently for 25 years.
4. He is a good counsellor. I'm not the only one who turns to him for advice.
5. He is good with small talk and sets people at ease. That was one of the first things that attracted me to him.
6. He is a good spiritual leader, at home and at church. Whenever he teaches or preaches, I learn something, even though I think I've heard his opinions on everything. That surprises me, even though it shouldn't. I like his preaching style.
7. He is faithful to stay with something for the long haul, like being a deacon or youth leader, or Sunday School teacher, or doing Carey Admin., or working at a stressful job, or being married to someone like me. That's rare, nowadays.
8. He is selfless and kind. He will do without something for himself, in order for one of us to have it, i.e. new clothes or the opportunity to take a course.
9. He believes in me. He seems to see some hidden potential there. He thinks I can do things I'm sure I can't, and then he ends up being right. Like when our church needed a Treasurer, I said, "No way, no how. Can't do it." He convinced me to try, I did it for five years, and learned and grew by the experience. How does he do that?
10. He treats me like a princess. That's not necessarily a good thing, but I'm not really complaining. For example, he gives me massages a few times a week, but only gets a few a year, himself. He buys me roses every Friday. He will watch anything I want to on T.V. You get the idea. He's more than I deserve. See why I love him!

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