Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There's a young guy that works in the Druxy's at my work. He always tries to make eye contact with me. I'm as friendly as the next person but the way he looks at me kind of creeps me out. I had stopped buying sandwiches there when I was on my diet, and one day when I went in to buy my coffee he asked me about it. I said it was because I was on a diet. He said, "I can tell."
Tonight when I went in, I ordered something and he served me, and said, "I know it's To Go." I said, "Yep, gotta go to work." He said, "I also know that you come to the Queen's Park subway." I had no response to that. Creepy. How is he watching for that, and why does he want me to know that he knows that? Stalker?
Good thing we're moving soon so I'll be going on a different route.

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