Monday, July 12, 2010


July 12, 2010.

Outside my window...overcast, humid day with showers off and on.
I am youngest daughter was upset because the father of one of her school friends was murdered this week at a car wash, shot over nothing, and now her friend is fatherless. So sad.
I am thankful for...the great weekend we just had at the camp out with the youth group from Trinity Baptist Church. The weather was perfect; the food and fellowship were good, the teens were a good bunch, and my husband's messages were well received. He spoke about not being conformed to this world, using the example of Daniel in Babylon, in a culture whose sole purpose was to assimilate the conquered people.
From the pepper chicken and corn on the cob.
I am wearing...jean capri pants and a navy blue tank top.
I am reading...A Penny for Your Thoughts by Mindy Starns Clark. It's a Christian mystery.
I am hoping...the messages my husband preached stay with the teens.
I am hearing...the train, currently stopped.
Around the house...the first week of basement renovations are done. They've framed the rooms, insulated, and done the electrical. Our contractor is good and has a lot of creative ideas. He took the french doors we gave him as the entrance to my mom's apartment, and recessed them into walls, so they slide in and out, instead of opening up into the room and taking up space. There is also a storage area, workshop and a huge family/games room. He also made her apartment quite large, closed off the furnace area, and is breaking through the concrete to make the drain for the washroom and sauna. I'm so excited about the sauna. This week we'll be buying the sauna heater. We'll probably get a wall-mounted one. My youngest has been driving a lot and is gaining confidence. She said, "You were right, I needed to get my license." Words parents love to hear. I went to the dollar store before my dentist appointment today. I admit, I have poor impulse control there, but you should see the loot I got!
One of my favourite things...the taste of hot dogs and smores over a campfire.
Some plans for the two nights, then I'm off for 20 days! Stay-cation only, since we bought the house this year, plus we have the reno, but it should be fun. We've planned some smaller trips to the beach, Kingston, maybe Stratford, downtown Toronto, and time with family and friends. We're hoping to go to the beach at a nearby Provincial Park with family on Saturday.

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