Monday, July 5, 2010

Shame Week

July 5, 2010.

Outside my window...typical Toronto summer weather. 3-h's. Hot, hazy and humid. Mid 30's but feeling like mid 40's C with the humidex. Also a poor air quality index. I wouldn't mind if I was on vacation, I'd just go to the beach. Instead, I stayed indoors with the a.c. on.
I am thinking...I prefer to call Pride Week, Shame Week, for the following reasons: I think it's a shame that our country will recognize those who have died for our country on only one day a year, whereas these 'festivities' go on for a whole week. I think it's a shame that it falls on Canada Day weekend and that in Toronto, their parade takes the place of a Canada Day parade. This is the impression we want to give to visitors to our city and country? I think it's a shame that they've hijacked the rainbow, a symbol of the promises of our covenant-keeping God, and have taken it to represent their diversity of behaviour. I think it's a shame that people are being silenced if they disagree with their agenda. They don't want to merely be tolerated; they want acceptance, society's blessing, and the freedom to promote their agenda and proselytize our children. It's a shame that our freedom of speech is eroded, and that anyone who has a contrary opinion is labelled. I see that they dropped the original name of the parade, probably because they know most Canadians want nothing to do with it. They couldn't seem to control some of the more radical political elements, who even referred to Canada as an apartheid regime. Really? If it was, they wouldn't be occupying some of the highest paying, prestigious jobs in the country. Not typical of most oppressed minorities throughout history. If they are a segregated, oppressed group, I'm a boiled egg. Shame, shame, shame.
I am thankful for...air conditioning on a day like this, both at home and at work. Apparently the west end of Toronto had a major power failure due to a fire at a transformer station. We may have some friends stay over this week because it's so hot and they have no a.c. I am also thankful that someone at church offered to take over our spot on the cleaning roster. We've been cleaning every month for over twenty years, and were just thinking this on Saturday when we were there, then on Sunday, we got the offer. They thought we could use a sabbatical. We were so pleasantly surprised. I guess we're hanging up our feather duster for at least a year. Wasn't that a kind thing to do?
From the kitchen...honey garlic meatballs, veggies and dip.
I am wearing...white capri pants, a brown tank top, and a white and beige sleeveless top.
I am reading...Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss. It's a book about punctuation, of all things, and it's hilarious. But then, that's my kind of humour.
I am hoping...that there won't be any hitches this weekend for our camping trip. If my friend can't make it, due to her daughter's health, I may be left to cook for two dozen people. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
I am hearing...the train. Our Customer Service Ambassador says the same thing every day. "We're currently stopped due to a signal. When it changes to a more favourable colour, we'll be on our way."
Around the house...we had the driveway sealed today. It looks good. They also started our basement renovations. They've framed in my mom's apartment. It's going to be a good size. Both girls were home for the weekend. My eldest is back at camp for two weeks. My youngest passed her driving test. Yay! We saw Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare in the Park on Friday. I wish there was an alternate ending, but when you label it a tragedy, what can you do? My husband and I are counting down our shifts till vacation! Two more weeks, then three weeks off!
One of my favourite things...camping. We're going this weekend with another couple and the twenty or so teens from their church. My husband is the speaker. I hope we have good weather.
Some plans for the three nights, pack for camping and go! My team (Germany) is doing well in World Cup, although the Dutch and Spanish are good, too.

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