Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Travel Weary

Outside my window...a huge thunder and lightning storm. There are tornado warnings in the region. Can't imagine the poor tenters at the Carey. I am at work, watching lightning bolts hit the CN Tower, from our big picture window in the lounge. Cool. Glad I'm indoors. There was a tornado in Goderich on the weekend, with one fatality. Also,there was another earthquake yesterday. The epicentre was in Virginia. Like last time, I was sleeping in the day and the shaking bedposts and windows woke me up.
I am thinking...Jack Layton, leader of the NDP and the Official Opposition has died of cancer. I didn't agree with his politics, but it was still sad news. They are even giving him a state funeral, which is rare, but it shows the regard that Canadians had for him.
I am hoping...we get a good offer on our old van. We want to send the money to Malawi so our friend can buy a vehicle for ministry purposes. I think he needs only another $1500.00
I am thankful for...our youngest daughter. She will turn 19 on Friday. We will then be a family of adults, except for the puppy.
I am uniform. At work, of course.
From the kitchen...beef stroganoff and carrot salad, made by my Mom.
I am hearing...silence, except for occasional thunder.
I am reading...When Danger Calls,by Terry O'Dell, which is good, except for the language. I think I was expecting a Christian book, so it shocked me a little.
Around the house...I can't seem to get back into the swing of things, whether it's cooking or cleaning. My house is a mess and I have no motivation to cook. My girls are both finished work this week, then school starts soon. My eldest has her final year in Social Work, unless she does her Masters, and my youngest is in her second year, but her first of a Specialist Program called Peace and Conflict Studies. So proud of my girls. In fact, on our way to Carey, instead of listening to music, she read aloud three PoliSci/World issues articles from a magazine and we discussed them. So glad my girls have brains in their heads!
One of my favourite things...being able to pay our daughters' tuition in full so they won't have student loans to deal with when they graduate, like we did. Praise God!
Some plans for the only two nights. Take my youngest to the CNE on Friday in the day, for her birthday. Her friend from out of town is coming for the weekend and they're going out Friday night. Clean on Saturday. Shop for school stuff Sat. afternoon with my eldest. My husband's preaching went well on Sunday, so I'm told. I went to Carey for only two nights. I think I'm "hotelled" out. As nice as it was to see my friends, I'm still travel weary. I love my own bed. Next year we'll go for the whole week and bring the dog.

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