Monday, October 3, 2011

Change of Seasons Cold

October 3, 2011.

Outside my, grey, rainy. As the Carpenters sang, "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down."
I am thinking...I'm glad I went to the conference on Saturday even though I was sick. See the summary below. It was good to see friends. We're in a good fellowship of churches. I missed church yesterday though. That doesn't happen very often. I listened to some sermons online at
I am get over this cough and cold. I tend to get them when the seasons change. I'm missing work tonight. Immunosuppressed patients don't need me coughing on them. Last night my husband said, "If you're going to cough all night, go sleep in the guest room." I guess the honeymoon is over after 25 years. :)
I am thankful job; specifically my benefits. It's good to be able to take time off for bereavement or illness, and not have to worry about losing income.
I am wearing...jeans, a burgundy sweater and a black cardigan. Oh, and a new pair of wool socks my mom knit me.
From the kitchen...Jewish penicillin, a.k.a. homemade chicken soup, chicken salad sandwiches and raspberry pie.
I am hearing...a sermon by my husband, which I missed when I was at the Carey conference. He just quoted me. So funny.
I am reading...Pompeii, City on Fire by T.L.Higley. To say I love it is an understatement. It's especially cool because I can picture all the places since we were just there a few weeks ago. It was an exciting story and really showed what life was like for early Christians, patricians, slaves and gladiators.
Around the house...No energy to do anything. My house needs to be cleaned but the maid (me) is sick. We are having 26 people for dinner in a week and there is a lot to do. We're having the carpets steam cleaned on Friday. My youngest went apple picking. I'm anticipating good desserts from them. My aunt in Finland who is 57 is just from surgery to remove a 20 centimetre tumour from her abdomen. That's a huge tumour!
One of my favourite things...fresh honeycrisp apples.
Some plans for the week...hopefully work on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Buy our turkey and ham. Clean and decorate. Host a homey Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends.

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