Monday, October 17, 2011

His and Hers Wedding

October 17, 2011.

Outside my window...cold and drizzling. It's supposed to rain a lot this week. I'm wearing my winter coat for the first time this fall. It's also getting dark earlier. Oh, Canada!
I am thinking...we attended a Muslim wedding of our former neighbours last night. We've been to one before, but this was different because they had men in one banquet room and women and children in another. So there were no common speeches or stuff like that. He joined her for some pictures, though. I was the only non-Indian, non-Muslim woman in the room. The only people we knew were the groom's family. It started two hours late. We were starting to feel welcome, but had to leave as we had an out of town guest. The food would have been good. We only had appetizers.
I am get a favourable response to a query I sent to the editor of a Christian magazine. It's my first one. It may be the first rejection letter I receive, but that's how I learn, I guess.
I am thankful husband's successful fishing trip. When he came home a day earlier than expected I thought it either went really well or really poorly. He came home with five rainbow trout, each about five pounds, and a pike. We gave away four already. We're eating one tomorrow and the other on Sunday when my daughter and her boyfriend are coming for dinner.
I am yoga pants, a pink t-shirt and a sweater.
From the kitchen...chicken breasts, hassleback potatoes and green beans.
I am hearing...conversations on the train.
I am reading...A Proper Wife by Winnie Griggs.
Around the house...I'm actually burning some fat by walking the dog for 45 minutes a day. The colder it gets, the faster we walk. My youngest daughter was on t.v. today, on Much Music Live, talking about a concert she attended last night. She looks very confident in front of the camera. My eldest was home for one day this week, to take her final driving test. She practiced parallel parking right before the test. Some random toothless guy came up to her and gave her a few pointers, which helped. We told her he must have been an angel in disguise. :)
One of my favourite things...when my puppy sleeps under my bed while I nap.
Some plans for the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night. Prep for our dinner party on Saturday night. My theme is Autumn Comfort. I'm mostly organized. Church on Sunday. Host my daughter and her boyfriend for dinner.

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