Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Post by my Puppy, Kody

Hi, I'm Kody. Pia is my mom, well, not my real mom, but she and her family adopted me. I lived with Ashley before I came to live here. I didn't realize how much I missed her until she came to visit me.

I am almost 11 months old, still just a puppy. I am a Huntaway, or New Zealand sheepdog. I am a relatively new breed. I'm a mix of Beauceron, Bloodhound, German Shepherd, Rotweiler and Golden Retriever. Most people think I look like a small German Shepherd. I probably won't get much bigger than my 70 pounds. I am told I have nice colouring and markings.

I've been to obedience school. I even have the embarassing graduation photos to prove it. Some days you wouldn't know I've been to school, though. Dad calls me Bad Boy. Mom says it's because I'm part Finn, whatever that means. I need a lot of exercise and Mom walks me every morning after her night shift, either 20 or 40 minutes. Dad (who doesn't like to be called my Dad) takes me to the dog park in the evening. I see my friends there. I especially like Zira and Edie.

When I'm at the Dog Park playing off leash with my friends and we see the gate open, we all look over to see who is arriving. It's kind of like being in a bar. Then we go over and sniff the new dog and play Chase. Some dogs play too rough, so I steer clear of them. Usually I signal that I want to leave by heading toward the gate so we can walk the trails.

I also like to swim in the creek. I don't like baths (an understatement), but I learned I like to swim. It started by just going in after the ball. When I got into deeper water I discovered I could swim. It's starting to get colder now, and darker earlier, but I still try to go in if they let me.

I don't get car sick any more. I look around and see other dogs on the street. Sometimes Dad takes me with him when he goes to pick up Leah from the train station.

I like to eat people food. It tastes so much better than kibble. My favourites are cheese, peanut butter and apples. Sometimes I get to taste meat, like chicken or ham. I also squeeze between Mom and the counter when she's preparing food, hoping she'll drop something. Pia's mom lives downstairs and she gives me special things like milk and homemade gingersnaps.

I have a good life. I get exercise, discipline, love, food and family. I like to be with people. I sleep by the door to guard them. Some afternoons Mom lets me sleep under her bed when she naps.

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