Monday, November 7, 2011

Full Plate

November 7, 2011.

Outside my can't get any darker. I can't see anything outside the window of the train. The time changed this past weekend. Is it summer yet? This morning though, it was so sunny and warm when I was walking the dog.
I am other news: Michael Jackson's doctor was found guilty; there have been many shootings in Toronto lately; my mother-in-law left for an 18 day trip to South Africa; my husband is busy at work; my puppy submitted to his first real bath today, it only took 11 months; I need to review the update I need to present in two weeks at the SGF assembly; Christmas is coming; I haven't even begun to draft my Christmas letter and we didn't do a family photo shoot yet. Breathe.
I am thankful for...six free books on Kindle. Free is my favourite price.
From the kitchen...burgers on the bbq and Greek pasta salad. Not bad for November in Canada, eh?
I am wearing...jeans, a navy pullover and my windbreaker.
I am reading...In the Shadow of Colossus by T.L. Higley, set in the ancient Greek city of Rhodes. I think I found a new favourite author.
I am find more time for writing. I have so many ideas, so many WIP's (works-in-progress), and so much work to do to improve my blog. There aren't enough hours in the day.
I am hearing...the train and quiet conversations.
Around the daughter and her boyfriend came over for dinner again on Sunday. I'm starting to clue in that they do it so they won't have to cook. I don't mind. I made her a vegetarian meal of cucumbers vinaigrette, baked parmesan tomatoes, arugala salad with feta and watermelon, cheese biscuits, shrimp fetuccini alfredo, pineapple and strawberry punch and chocolate fudge cake. Also, in honour of Movember, I made paper handlebar moustaches on a stick and we posed for pictures.
My youngest daughter was on a retreat with her church in downtown Toronto.
We went to a housewarming party at my sister's house on Saturday night.
One of my favourite things...wearing a poppy. My favourite veteran died recently. I think of him.
Some plans for the FOUR nights. I'm tired just thinking about it. Thursday night will be time and a half. Yay! Friday we're going out with the friends we had hoped to go out with last Friday. They suggested Mexican food, so we'll try it. Saturday morning my husband has a Men's breakfast. Sunday there is a luncheon after the morning service. Some missionaries we support will be there. I'm hoping my mom will come out to church after a two month absence.

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