Monday, November 14, 2011

Moving Along on the Treadmill of Life

Nov. 14, 2011

Outside my window...dark, rainy, but not cold. A very mild November so far.
I am thinking... a co-worker of my husband died on Saturday of cancer of the pancreas. He was a believer, thankfully, so he is now face to face with His Saviour. Sad for his wife and daughter, though. My husband got to visit with him the day he died and he said he was ready to go. We've been thinking about growing old and dying lately. When we went out with our friends on Friday night, we talked about retirement, parents dying, and we compared aches and pains. If that doesn't show we're old, I don't know what does! And I haven't even hit 50 yet!
I am thankful for...hobbies. I like to have time to write and read, entertain and do crafts.
From the kitchen...jerk chicken legs, broccoli, spaghetti a la carbonara.
I am wearing...jeans, a pink t-shirt, a navy pullover. I bought two new sweaters and black dress pants for this weekend away.
I am reading..The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I wanted to read it before seeing the movie. I was hesitant to read it because of the setting (1960's southern U.S.) but I'm liking it. Oh, and I won a free book by Don Brown, one of my favourite authors, for commenting on a blog. So excited.
I am some miracle that there won't be a municipal strike next year. On the news they're anticipating a long one, about six months. I can tell you the thought of it is already stressing me out. The last one, three years ago, lasted 33 days and it was all for nothing because the mayor caved and gave them what they wanted, when he was so close to breaking them. Since my husband is in management, he has to be locked in, to keep water coming out of the taps and fire hydrants. He had only short visits home. It was horrible. I don't know how military wives manage. I didn't cope well with the separation and being alone.
I am hearing...the train.
Around the mom planned on coming to church for the luncheon, but then she woke up and said she slept poorly. I think it's just an excuse. The longer she's away, the harder she thinks it'll be to go back, even though no one would say anything that would upset her. My eldest visited with her boyfriend again on Sunday, and then she and I went shopping this morning. My youngest met the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and shook his hand. He was the guest speaker at U of T today.
One of my favourite puppy. Yeah, he's a lot of work, but we love him.
Some plans for the three nights. A relative is here from the Yukon (I can't believe I have a relative living in the Yukon!) and we're hoping to see him either Thursday night or next week. On Friday and Saturday, we'll be in lovely Tottenham for the SGF Assembly. Sunday, church.

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