Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scarlet Thread

Outside my window...rainy and dark. It's supposed to rain all week. I don't mind since I'm working, You don't have to shovel rain. I can't believe it's so mild at the end of November.
I am thinking...it was a good weekend. On Friday my cousin's son visited from the Yukon. I made way too much food for one person. Then on Saturday morning I spoke at the Ladies' meeting at church. I spoke on Christ as the Plumb Line, the Veil and the Mediator. That evening we attended our best man's 50th birthday. We're all getting older. Mine is 2-1/2 years away and I already know it'll be a crisis age for me. I'm planning a big party so I won't think about it. Sunday was church, and a lovely rainy day nap. That night I got some writing done.
I am hoping...to find a box of Christmas decorations I misplaced. I don't know how, since I put all the boxes together last year so I'd find them all easily. Or so I thought.
I am thankful for..the good feedback I received on Saturday morning. I was hesitant to present my Scarlet Thread material becase that's what I'm compiling for a book, but at least this way I got some idea of the impact it has on people. It seemed to be a blessing. Some even sent e-mails later on to tell me the same thing. That encouraged me to write more that night. I'll speak on Esther in two weeks at the Christmas brunch we have planned.
I am wearing...jeans and a hunter green top and pullover.
From the kitchen...lasagna and salad.
I am hearing...The Next Iron Chef.
I am reading...Life of Christ by James Stalker.
Around the house...half of my Christmas decorations are up. We just need the tree. I hope we can find one as nice as last year. It was a balsam fir and was perfectly symmetrical. My mom didn't come to the ladies' meeting or church, again. My Christmas letter draft is done.
One of my favourite things...getting my Christmas cards out early, which I have not even started yet. Some years I'm ahead of the game. This is not one of them.
Some plans for the week...work three nights. Buy gifts on Thursday for kids we'll see on the weekend. Clean and prep to leave for London. Kody will be left at home with his former owner. She misses him and it'll be nice for both of them. He still remembers her. We'll go to visit family on the weekend for our Finnish Christmas with extended family. Lots of food.

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