Monday, November 21, 2011

Move Over, Movember!

November 21, 2011.

Outside my window...dark and cold, but no snow yet. First time it dipped down below zero Celsius this fall. It's been a pleasant November so far.
I am thinking...we were at the SGF Assembly in Tottenham on the weekend. You wouldn't think a two day meeting to discuss church business would be interesting, but it was. It was encouraging to hear the reports from the churches, both their highs and lows so we'd know how to pray for them. We also accepted two new churches into the fellowship. One came with a seminary. I guess we just inherited a seminary! There was great preaching, fellowship and food. The church there was worried how they'd manage, since their building is so small, but they did a great job. I even managed to get through my five minutes of "public reading" without fainting or vomiting. I could feel my voice shaking, but no one seemed to notice. After that, I enjoyed the weekend more.
I am thankful for...good books. I really enjoyed The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Now I'm ready to see the movie.
From the kitchen...southwest chicken and salad.
I am uniform, at work of course.
I am reading...City of the Dead by T.L. Higley. I have a new favourite author.
I am hoping...Movember will soon be over and men will be clean shaven again. I'm glad my husband didn't go for it. His would have grown in grey. I have nothing against fundraising for cancer, I just think this is a man's way of being a rebel for a month and claiming it's for a good cause. Kind of like the playoff beards. I hate that. They all look like lumberjacks.
I am hearing...a quiet unit. Only a dozen patients out of a possible 21.
Around the youngest is writing an exam tomorrow for a potential summer job as a border services officer. It would be a good job, probably at the airport. If she gets it, we may need to buy a car. She can't study for this test, so they are probably questions that test her character or scenarios to see how she'd respond.
One of my favourite things...meeting new people. We hosted the guest preacher on Sunday. He is from South Africa.
Some plans for the three nights. Help my husband choose new reading glasses. Entertain a relative from the Yukon on Friday night. Speak at our Ladies' Meeting on Saturday morning. Clean and shop. Attend a party for a friend's 50th birthday on Saturday night. Church on Sunday. Our eldest will be 21 on Saturday. She's like her father and doesn't want a party. We bought her a watch of her choice.

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