Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year End

Outside my window...snow. Now, after Christmas is over. It might as well stay away. The moment is gone.
I am thinking...this has been a fascinating year. Protests everywhere, the death of Osama bin Ladin, Khadafi, and Kim Jong Il, a royal wedding, and our 25th anniversary trip to Europe.
I am hoping...they won’t close my unit this week and send me to another floor. I hate that.
I am thankful for...a relaxing Christmas. We had a few family celebrations and a lot of food, including a deep fried turkey at my sister’s house. It takes 3 minutes per pound and is crispy and juicy. You use cottonseed oil ( available at Bass Pro Shops) because it doesn’t transfer flavour. You can make donuts immediately afterward and they won’t taste like turkey.
I am wearing...black yoga pants, a red Roots t-shirt and a black sweater.
From the kitchen...stuffed mushroom caps, Atlantic salmon, basmati rice, baby carrots, salad, chocolate mousse. We were supposed to have guests over but they had to cancel, so more for us.
I am hearing...my daughter and her friend watch the family channel.
I am reading...The Memoir Project by Marion Roach.
Around the house...my fourteen days off end tomorrow. Sigh. I know I can’t complain, but they did go fast. I got some writing done, some closets cleaned and Christmas done. We’ve had lots of people over.
One of my favourite things... new books. I got six, plus two more I ordered with my Chapters card. I also got two BBC Jane Austen movies, a Scrivener program, Turtles chocolates and coffee.
Some plans for the week...work two nights and have some friends over on New Years’ Eve.

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