Monday, September 10, 2012

Public Speaking

Outside my window...a sunny day.  I had a nice walk with the dog this morning.
I am thinking...I received a positive response about my proposal for speaking at the Ladies’ Retreat next May. I will be the main speaker. I’ll  have three, one hour sessions in which to present my topic on one of the Fruits of the Spirit, Self-Control. I will be focusing on self-control in relation to speech, possessions and our thought life. I have to pull my thoughts together and write a synopsis of how I will be presenting it and the main points I’ll cover, within a month.
I am find time to write the synopsis with my daughter’s wedding approaching within a month.
I am thankful the wedding shower turned out. I had a few mishaps with my carrot cake looking like a meatloaf (I substituted a vanilla cake for it) and two pans of burned scones (which had to be replaced). No one was any the wiser and my last minute tears were all for nothing. She is not a fan of being the centre of attention, but I think she appreciated having her family and friends there and they really did shower her with gifts.
From the kitchen...spaghetti and meat sauce.
I am hearing...crickets, if you can believe it. And the washer and dryer.
I am capris, a black sleeveless print top, while I still can.
I am reading...Speak Up with Confidence by Carol J. Kent. Considering how painfully shy I was growing up, I can’t tell you how huge a step it was for me to offer to do public speaking. I consider myself a writer, but not a speaker. I’m used to my twelve or so Women of Faith, but 80 women will be a challenge for me. My only consolation is that I know about 90% of them, so I will feel I’m among friends. I will also need much prayer to take this step of faith and personal growth.
Around the house...we had two house guests overnight, so we did our bed and breakfast routine. My youngest started her third year at university. My youngest is bringing her gifts to her fiance’s apartment, and my husband and I are working.
One of my favourite Just the thing when I wake up.
Some plans for the four nights. I’m tired just thinking about it. Oh well, a few more weeks and I’ll be off for the wedding. My husband and I are planning to go out for dinner on Friday to a local Greek restaurant.

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