Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Outside my window...rain. Fitting for my first night back from vacation.
I am thinking...It was a good two weeks off. Great weather and very relaxing.
I am hoping...we can get my daughter’s friend to see Kody. He needs a dog whisperer. It’s our last hope.
I am thankful for... being prepped for the wedding, with my clothes, shoes and accessories. I just need to decide on a hairstyle.
From the kitchen...chicken stir-fry and rice.
I am hearing...thunder and lightning. The poor dog is so scared.
I am wearing...navy capris, a navy print top.
I am reading...Love Amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews. It is based on the life of Job. I disagree that they have him as a contemporary and friend of Jacob and his sons, since it is believed he was pre-patriarchal, even before Abraham.
Around the house...we are back at work this week. I hope the staffing issues aren’t as bad. If we have to float to other units every week, I’m going to play the seniority card.
One of my favourite things....planning parties.
Some plans for the week...work three nights. Scramble to prep for my daughter’s bridal shower on Saturday afternoon. It’s an English tea party theme and I even brought a fascinator for the pictures. There’s not much prep time, but the whole family is helping. We are expecting 29 people. Standing room only, I guess.


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