Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Four Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy and Happy

A house needs more than repairs and maintenance, it needs renovation and updated decor. Likewise, a marriage needs sparks. Here are four things to do to keep your marriage healthy and happy.


-affirmations of love and affection

-always kiss when one of you arrives or leaves. A proper kiss, not a peck.

-say, “I love you” every day


-at least ten minutes of snuggle time. Since I work nights, my husband and I often see each other for one hour a day, at supper time. Spending a few minutes together is essential.


-date night. Plan early in the week what you will be doing, even if it’s not extravagant, so you have something to look forward to.                          
–guard your date night. Most of our friends and relatives know Friday is date night at our house and they are hesitant to intrude. 
–it can be inexpensive and simple like board games, a movie, or reading a book together, take out or dinner out.     

-continue this even once you have children. Get a babysitter, or let them know this is time for mommy and daddy. You will be modelling what a healthy marriage looks like. 


-take turns planning a special date night. It doesn’t have to be expensive.     

–mark it on your calendar. Try not to let anything change it. Give it priority. 

–it can occur on your usual date night, or another day if it’s a special event, i.e. soccer game or theatre.  

 – consider what the other person likes to do when it’s your turn to plan. i.e. husband plan a romantic date, wife plan a steamy date.


-plan a getaway for a night, a weekend or a week. No kids. Act like newlyweds.


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