Monday, October 29, 2012

Fresh Fish

Outside my window...grey, rainy and windy. Frankenstorm is headed up the eastern seaboard.
I am husband suggested maybe we should get some supplies since the storm is coming. I gave him the look. I have it covered. In Advance. That’s what Preppers do. We’re ready. 

 I am hoping....the power stays on this week. I would hate to be stranded downtown. I will bring an extra uniform just in case I have to sleep there. Be prepared.
I am thankful husband’s successful fishing trip. He caught his limit of trout, and his brother came along and caught the biggest fish, a 14 pound trout.

From the of my husband’s trout, potatoes and vegetables. My daughter’s carrot cake.
I am hearing...the howling wind.
I am wearing...jeans and a teal sweater. My daughter and I went shopping this past weekend for clothes. We consoled ourselves with retail therapy while my husband was fishing.
I am reading...10 Who Changed the World by Daniel Akin.

Around the daughter and her husband (strange to say that), came to visit on Friday. They are settling in to married life. She is changing her address on documents but not her name. I don’t get that, but I’ll hold my tongue. My youngest is heading into a horrendous month at school with many essays, group projects and other commitments due close to each other. I wish I could help her. I counted 25 writing projects in progress right now. 25! And this is a hobby! What would it be like if I did this full time?

One of my favourite things...freshly caught fish from a clean lake.

Some plans for the week...I’m afraid to check, but I think I’m on four nights. I’ll check at work. I know it’s at least Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My aunt is already going back to Finland on Thursday. That went fast. I feel like I didn’t see her much, with the wedding plans and work, and their trips to London. She  hopes to come back for next summer.

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