Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Year of Gratitude:May 2018

May journaling; I am thankful for…

1.      A getaway trip to Niagara Falls

2.      Hotels, especially our suite. Someone to make my bed, clean the bathroom.

3.      WINGS maternity home ministry gala.

4.      My dishwasher prepared by my husband.

5.      Our eldest daughter has been accepted to grad school (social work)!

6.      A bbq luncheon at church.

7.      Dinner downtown with my youngest daughter, as an early Mother’s day gift. She took me to El Catrin, an authentic Mexican restaurant in the Distillery District.

8.      A once a year pedicure.

9.      My kindle to read to me.

10.   Being able to rest/pace myself/not work/concentrate on my health.

11.   Our garage door cable snapped, but we were able to get it fixed the same day.

12.   Being well enough to attend the Millions Missing event. Also my sister’s birthday.

13.   A supportive network of family, friends, and medical team that accepts me and my illness.

14.   My mother-in-law, whose birthday is today. We ordered Ethiopian food takeout.

15.   BOTOX, even when he nicks my facial nerve, like today.

16.   A home day to write.

17.   I had to drop off my car because of a flat tire. Thankful for car care.

18.   A 29 year career in nursing.

19.   My washer/clean clothes/effortless.

20.   My dryer/soft towels.

21.   Homemade soup.

22.   Crocuses and tulips.

23.   Daffodils and lilacs.

24.   My daughter’s family being able to buy a house.

25.   The generosity of my mother-in-law to give my daughter the down payment for their house.

26.   Women’s retreat weekend.

27.   Potted plants and seedlings; the extent of my gardening abilities.

28.   A local cupcake company I used for my 50th party, and now I’ve ordered some for my husband’s celebration bbq.

29.   The faithfulness of Marion Cozens over 9-1/2 years running WINGS maternity home, but she will be closing out the ministry at the end of August.

30.   The mental clarity to revise my manuscript.

31.   Actually completing the revisions of my manuscript in time to send it in tonight for a writer’s publishing contract contest.

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