Sunday, June 3, 2018


May Journaling

1.      Still in Niagara Falls with my husband. We enjoyed another nice dinner out, but I can’t eat as much as I could when I was healthy. I had room service for breakfast, read and showered, went downstairs for a salad, where my husband joined me, then I took a cab for my once a year pedicure, and then napped.

2.      I went to listen to my husband’s presentation at the conference. He did a good job. Stopped to see the grandkids on our way home from Niagara Falls.

3.      Recovery day, then the WINGS gala.

4.      Another day of high winds. We lost another 12 shingles. Good thing we’re due for a new roof this month. But the wind took our gate right off its hinges. See the picture. It landed in the driveway right where my husband’s car usually is, but this time he had parked on the road. Thankful it was spared. We didn’t lose our power like many in the region did.

5.      A beautiful Saturday. My husband is running errands and doing work around the house. I prepped a salad and dessert for church tomorrow, then napped two hours.

6.      We had a bbq at church today.

7.      School day. The letter Z, and the story of Zaccheus.

8.      Bible study, and nap, then meeting my daughter and family downtown for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in the Distillery District. Can guacamole change your life? Yes!

9.      Chiro and massage today. In agony in the afternoon.

10.   Home day, finishing up Bible study homework.

11.   Prepping school for Monday.

12.   Today I attended my first Millions Missing event. It was downtown at Bay and Bloor. Of course nothing ever goes smoothly for me. My husband was going to come with me but he had a home inspector coming to check about damage to the house because of the new construction. Of course I got turned around and ended up walking for blocks, which is very draining on me. But once I got there I was able to sit in the chair I brought along. I met fellow sufferers and a medical doctor stopped to tell us she believes us and that she is also frustrated by the way we are treated by the medical community. Then my daughter stopped by, as she was working that day. Draining, but a profitable day. It was during my prime nap time, but I slept once I got back home. I posted about it on facebook.

13.   I posted a thank you to my family and friends for being so supportive of my illness; I know that is not always the case. We went to my mother in law’s house for Mother’s Day, and ordered Ethiopian take out.

14.   School day, learning about Blind Bartimaus. We also went out to eat lunch, and my son in law was there and paid for us. Also it’s the birthday of my mother in law, and my daughter’s mother in law.

15.   Bible study this morning. The final one except for the summary of Esther next week, then a break for summer for us. Then I went for my Botox injections for pain, and he nicked my facial nerve and it caused my face to droop and my eye not to close for a few hours.

16.   A home day, finishing up my summary of Esther for Tuesday.

17.   Had to bring my car in because my tire was flat, although there was no nail in it.

18.   Pain clinic for back injections, a few errands and a nap. I’m alone overnight. My husband has gone fishing and our daughter went camping for a few nights with friends.

19.   Alone again. Trying to tidy up for our daughter’s family coming tomorrow. I can only manage to vacuum and clean the bathrooms once a month. So different from when I was well.

20.   Grandkids are visiting. I bought sidewalk chalk, water balloons, and bubbles. We will also do a campfire, go for a walk (my husband will) and build a fort. My daughter and her husband will go out on a date tonight.

21.   Victoria Day weekend. BBQ with the fam.

22.   Presenting the summary of the book of Esther, then lunch out to celebrate. Then a break till the fall. Looking forward to it.

23.   Our eldest daughter and her husband bought a house today in Hamilton! I’m so happy for them. It happened quite quickly. They were thinking about moving this summer to another cheaper rental since she’s not working right now, but then my mother in law graciously gifted them with enough for a down payment to help them get a start. Then they looked and fell in love with almost the first house they saw, a renovated 1928 house, 2-1/2 stories, three bedrooms, two bath, backyard, basement, and attic. It was renovated beautifully. They move in a few weeks. Will try to help out as we are able.

24.   Just made a decision to try to send in my manuscript to a publishing company to win a contract. It was written long ago, but I have to tidy it up and apply some of the suggested edits from a California editor. I hope I can get it done, considering I have the women’s ministry retreat this weekend, and school on Monday.

25.   Heading to Elim lodge for the weekend. My mom is coming with me.

26.   Good weather, great teaching, lots of rest.

27.   Home again, always good.

28.   Final day of school, since they’ve got the move coming up. He is just over three but already knows most of his letters, counting to ten, colours and shapes, his right and left, his address, how to find where he lives on any map or globe, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, and how to spell his name. Pretty successful nursery school I’d say, even with just one day a week for 9 months.

29.   Dropped off my mom, now scrambling with edits. Heat wave, a.c. on. The a.c, is broken in my car, so I’ll get it fixed on Friday.

30.   A full day of revisions. Tomorrow is the deadline.

31.   Another full day of revisions. I’ve now read through the whole book. Finished with an hour to spare. Sent in. Now we wait. I don’t know what my chances are, I guess it depends on how many submissions they get. I feel it was a great accomplishment to get it done.

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