Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Favourite Place

These are some pictures of Desbarats Lake (pronounced Debra) in Northern Ontario where I grew up. I have very fond memories of this place. There's not much to it, and it's quite rustic compared to what people in Southern Ontario expect from a cottage, but the million dollar view can't be beat. It sits at the foot of a small bay in a small lake near Sault Ste. Marie. My aunt and uncle used to own this cottage (they call them camps up North), and I spent most of my childhood summers there. I was sad when it was sold, but then, after a few years, it was on the market again and one of my friends bought it. He and his family live in the States, so they don't get up there too often. For the past few summers, we stayed there for a week. It was so relaxing. No phones, no TV, no internet. Just reading, writing, sauna and swimming, campfires, stargazing, and visiting friends in town. One of our friends flew his float plane in for a visit. (See FLYING).
The only downside is the outhouse, which was not a popular concept with the girls. They've never been happier to come back home to indoor plumbing.
We brought our nieces with us and so all four had similar experiences there to my teen years. My oldest daughter even learned to drive on the same camp roads I did. It was kind of strange, but nice.
The girls learned to waterski, and I went tubing, much to the shock of my family. We can't go this summer, so I'm sad. We're having a stay-cation instead.

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