Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I hate tattoos. I always said, "There's nothing more stupid tham a fad that will never pass." A permanent fad is an oxymoron. Can you imagine still having an afro or a mullet, a pet rock or a mood ring? Yet, once you have a tattoo, you have it for life. Who would want a daily reminder of their foolish youth? Tattoos are an irrevocable act of defiance; external, yes, but different from hairstyles or clothing choices.
Calling it body art doesn't make it more appealing. It's also considered a high risk behaviour for hepatitis and AIDs. The needles may be sterilized, but the inks are often mixed with heavy metals, and they are not subject to food and drug regulations since they are not ingested. It also can mask early detection of skin cancers.
A poster in a plastic surgeon's office said, more than 70% of people who get tattoos end up regretting it. And you can't just erase them; the removal process leaves large scars.
I also know of people who have become Christians and have regretted the fact that they bear symbols of their former life.
Do you like a particular band? Buy a poster. A sports team? Buy a jersey. Do you like flowers? Plant them. Do you love your Mom? Tell her.
I don't want my name on my husband's arm; I want it in his heart.
John Piper says it well in his book, Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die,
"One enslaving fad follows another. Thirty years from now today's tattoos will not be marks of freedom, but indelible reminders of conformity."

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