Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ten Years Cancer Free!

In June, my husband celebrated being cancer free for ten years. Praise God! He had osteosarcoma of his femur (like Terry Fox, but he didn't require an amputation). It was a very difficult time for him, and our whole family, as the girls were only 6 and 8 then. But God spared him, and me...
Now it's just a bad memory. He had chemo and surgery, replacing his entire femur and part of his tibia, as well as a new hip and new knee with titanium. The man of steel. They also removed a few muscles. He rarely uses his cane, except for long distances, although he should. There are a few long term effects of the chemo as well, but it's really hard to complain. He has his life, and his leg.
We had a big party five years ago to celebrate his milestone of 5 years, which coincided with his 40th birthday. He doesn't complain about ageing either. He's happy to see the few greys he's gotten, every year is a gift he wasn't expecting.
So, this year he didn't want a party. He actually doesn't like to call attention to himself. But I had to do something to mark the day, so I sent him a bouquet of fresh fruit in a soccer ball bowl. He works for the city, so he was glad I didn't send him flowers, which would have been embarassing.
I'm so glad he's in my life, instead of just my memories.

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