Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hillsong Concert

So I went to the first concert of my life last weekend. Why didn't anyone tell me they were this much fun?
I know all concerts wouldn't be like this, since this was a Christian concert. Being a Praise and Worship band, they had the words to the songs up on the big screens and everyone sang along. There were thousands of people praising God. The place was packed. Plus, halfway through, they stopped to preach a gospel message, which was pretty good. They only did a semi-altar-call, of which I'm glad, praying for people instead of asking them to go anywhere, which essentially, was logistically impossible anyway.
I took my youngest daughter, her school friend, my two nieces, and my husband's cousin from Florida. My eldest was there as part of a college and careers retreat which included the concert, and we saw her in passing. I knew many of the songs, and the rest I picked up pretty fast. I did my share of clapping, but I'm not a "hands-in-the-air" type of person, like 95% of the people who were there, but I did enjoy it.
I don't expect that I'll suddenly start attending a few concerts a year, but I would probably go again, if I chose wisely. Hillsong United was there as the highlight of Christian Heritage Day at Ontario Place. There were other smaller bands, preaching, and Christian businesses outside of the Amphitheatre.

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