Saturday, June 20, 2009

Strike Prep

June 20, 2009

Outside my window...a rainy day. With all the rain we've had this week, and the amazing forecast for next week, it makes me wonder if I chose the wrong week to take a holiday.
I am thinking...that I hope there's not a city workers' strike at midnight on Sunday. Since my husband is in management, he has to get locked in for the duration, to ensure we still have water supplied in Toronto. He had to do all of the Strike Prep shopping; purchasing cots and food for the dozen people who will be locked in to cover shifts.
I am thankful...that my youngest daughter got the job she applied for at a day camp at the church where she attends youth group.
From the kitchen...stuffed mushroom caps, steak from the bbq, parmesan and herb roasted potatoes, steamed asparagus, salad, and chocolate layer cake with pudding in the middle.
I am wearing...jean capri pants, a brown and white top.
I am reading...God's Gift by Dee Henderson, about a missionary on furlough.
I am mom's angiogram is rescheduled for sometime soon. They had quite a few emergencies and had to cancel her at the end of the day on Wednesday.
I am hearing...a previously recorded TFC game that I already know the outcome of. Toronto beats Montreal 6:1. I'm still watching it though, because soccer games are scarce in summer, and they win this game and consequently, the Champions' League.
Around the house...we're just waiting for friends to visit to share some cake. Our friend, Leah (our Pastor's daughter) just became a full-time college professor today. She's been part-time for nine years, so we're all happy for the answer to prayer.
One of my favourite things...freshly shelled peas in summer. I just picked some up from the farm. I prefer to eat them raw. It's like eating candy, and it reminds me of my childhood.
A few plans for the week...a busy Saturday,cleaning the church, then cooking and baking for the providential dinner at church tomorrow. I wish it wouldn't have been planned for Father's Day, but hey, I'm coping. I'm bringing homemade macaroni and cheese, a layered salad, (see recipe and photo below), and marble cupcakes. We always have more than enough food, and a good variety. Because of the cultural makeup of our congregation, all of our dinners are International. Sunday evening I have to drop my husband off at work and keep the van, in case the strike is on and lasts a long time. I'll be a strike widow. Monday night, our niece is graduating from highschool. Hopefully, my husband can make it. Tuesday night I go back to work for three nights. My eleven nights off went by so quickly. At least we got my daughter's room in Hamilton painted this week. Having two other people to help me paint made a big difference. I'll post pictures once we've decorated the room.

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