Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games

Outside my window...sunny and clear, but cold again. Weird weather this winter.
I am was a nice change to be in class last week instead of on night shift. It was a good refresher on Solid Tumours. I learned something new in each class, and I got 14-1/2 hours of continuing ed. I was most surprised to learn that even now, advanced colon cancer and skin cancer (malignant melanoma) still have a prognosis of less than two years.
I am hoping...those two people will be put in jail for what they did to Tori Stafford. It makes me wish Canada still had the death penalty.
I am thankful Mom's good health. She turns 72 tomorrow. I would love to see her saved, though.
I am wearing...jeans, a green top, a black cardigan, and a black leather jacket.
From the kitchen...pork chops, homemade macaroni and cheese, broccoli and roasted cherry tomatoes.
I am hearing...a guy on his phone on the train. He has a limited vocabulary; foul language.
I am reading...How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 60 days, by Paul Lima. I may need to know that this year.
Around the youngest finished another part of her pre-work training. Both girls are heading into the final stretch at school, with papers, tests, exams and stress. My husband is busy at work. I spoke at Women of Faith on Christ in the Book of Ruth, Nehemiah, and Jonah. We decided that fourteen of us will go to the SGF Women's Retreat in May.
One of my favourite husband and I got to see The Hunger Games. He went for my sake. As far as I can remember, that was the only movie I've ever seen on opening day. It was pretty true to the book, but of course books always give you more insights. Never judge a book by its movie. It's not necessarily a new plot, but it is a commentary on our times; with the obsession with reality shows, blood sports (UFC) and entertainment. Like the evil Capitol, we don't even see how wrong it is to kill our children, as long as we are entertained and satisfied.
Some plans for the three nights. I'm not sad to have missed Urology night last week. Have I mentioned that I hate Urology nights? No plans so far for the weekend, which is nice, because I have much to do around the house. I couldn't sleep during my usual Sunday afternoon nap time because I had a crazy idea brewing in my head about public speaking. That's strange for me, since I don't consider myself a speaker, just a writer. Anyway, I ran it past my daughter and she thought it was a great idea and encouraged me to go for it. I'll let that percolate a bit.

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