Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Lion and a Donkey

1 Kings 13

Preached by Pastor Brian Robinson on March 4, 2012

Jereboam feared a return to David’s house if the people worshipped in Jerusalem.
He built two places of worship; Bethel and Dan. It was for pagan worship; he appointed priests from every class, instituted holidays.
He offered sacrifices, himself. He is not concerned with God’s glory, but his own.
Because a person is ordained, or sweet, or smart, doesn’t validate his message.
Jereboam was appointed to be king, but it doesn’t follow that God approved of all he did.
He made it seem as if he was doing it make the lives of the people easier. “It’s too much for you to go up to Jerusalem.” Vs. 28
The man of God disrupted the public ceremony and spoke against Jereboam’s action. He was like a lion.
Jereboam calls for his arrest, not because he was a criminal, or was attempting to assassinate the king, but because he embarrassed the king.
Jereboam was humiliated at the height of his public life.
His outstretched arm withered and he could do nothing about it.
The altar split as predicted.
Let us not fear princes, parliaments and courts.
Jereboam pleads for the man of God to intercede for him with “your God”.
Do we pray for civil authorities who pass laws that persecute believers?
Both the healing and the broken altar should have been a sign to Jereboam, but he did not change.(1 Kings 13:33)
When the world threatens, we can resist, but it’s harder when they offer friendship and gifts.
The man refused to fellowship with the king. Still a lion.
It would have legitimized Jereboam’s rebellious actions.
The second prophet lies, saying God was cancelling His first command.
Never fall for special revelation that contradicts Scripture.
We are most vulnerable after a victory. Now a donkey instead of a lion.
Sometimes temptation comes from an unexpected source--the people of God.
The animals (lion and donkey on the road)were not acting in character.
It made the second man of God realize that the first one was a true prophet. He had respect for him.
He did it to save his own bones because of the resurrection. He didn't want his grave desecrated when the prophecy came true. He wanted to be buried along with the man of God.
This is fulilled in 2 Kings 23:17,18

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