Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School

Sept. 8, 2009

Outside my window…a warmish day, but you can tell summer is over. The leaves are already changing on our Japanese maple. The summer that never was.
I am thinking…that long weekends go way too fast. We had gone to Hamilton to get our eldest daughter moved into her room in a house near the campus. Putting together her daybed and putting up blinds took two days and three trips to IKEA for missing screws. Then Sunday flew by as usual with church flanking my afternoon nap. Monday we cleaned our house, (long overdo) and had my husband’s brother and his wife over for a bbq.
I am thankful…for the fact that our daughter is living in a house with six other Christian girls that she knows from Campus for Christ. Also, our niece, who was not raised in a Christian home, but has come with us for several years to the Carey conference and retreats, is also going to Mac and is attending Trinity Baptist Church. Also, I had a nice surprise when I went to SUREslim to get weighed. I was the Biggest Loser last month. That's a good thing, right? I got a $25 voucher for free stuff, so I bought more seeds and flax. I've also dropped more inches, fat, (another whole percent) and my BMI (body mass index) is almost normal.
From the kitchen…Atlantic salmon steaks (I seem to make those a lot, don’t I?), beans, sweet potatoes.
I am wearing…a black and white sundress and a black sweater.
I am reading…An Eye for An Eye by Irene Hannon; a Christian FBI thriller.
I am hoping…that work isn’t as crazy this week as last week.
I am hearing…the birds chirping outside.
Around the house…back to school and work today. Our youngest is in grade twelve. Our eldest is in second year at Mac studying Health Studies and Social Work. It’s a double major so she’ll have a busy few years.
One of my favourite things…milk chocolate with hazelnut. (That could just be my PMS talking).
Some plans for the week…work three nights. I’ll see how the weekend goes. One weekend this month, my oldest daughter and I want to go camping together. I’ve never done fall camping. I just hope we don’t come across any hungry bears filling up before their winter hibernation.

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