Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moving On

Sept. 26, 2009

Outside my window...grey, cool, overcast. Looks like rain today. We're on the QEW from Toronto to Hamilton.
I am thinking...I feel sad for my mom. One of her brothers died this week. He was 62. He was a chain smoker since he was a child and had his first heart attack when he was 47, and now this fatal one 15 years later. I think my mom's thinking about her mortality and the fact that she's had cardiac issues this year, with chest pain and angioplasties. She deals with things by not dealing with them. Whenever she starts to get sad, she finds something to distract herself. An irony was that yesterday, she received a postcard from the brother who just died. He had been in Turkey the week before he died. It was kind of weird for her to see his handwriting.
I am thankful family. I love them, I like them, and I appreciate them. Our eldest daughter was home from university for just one night, so we went shopping for fall clothes last night, and then for a manicure/pedicure and lunch this morning. Now we're driving her back to Hamilton because we bought her and her roommates a toaster oven and it's too bulky for the GO-bus.
From the kitchen...meatballs, okra, salad.
I am wearing...white Capri pants, a white camisole and a mauve cable knit sweater.
I am reading...The Jesus You Can't Ignore, by John MacArthur, about the bold confrontations of Christ.
I am hoping...that Oleksandr, our goldfish, will be okay in his home in Hamilton. Our daughter took him to live with her.
I am hearing...the radio, on our way home to Toronto.
Around the house...we've talked with my mom, who lives in our basement apartment, and have decided to sell our house next Spring/Summer. We have a Realtor coming over next Friday. He's the same one we used when we bought this house 17 years ago.
One of my favourite things...being able to buy my girls everything they need. It's such a contrast to most of my life. Such a blessing.
Some plans for the week...clean the church when we get back to Toronto, clean our house, watch soccer, go to church tomorrow, work three nights next week.

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