Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jesus On Trial

By Phillip Ryken/James Montgomery Boice

There aren't too many books out there that focus on the trial of Jesus Christ. This is a fascinating and devotional look at the 24 hour whirlwind kangaroo court that sentenced Jesus to die.
Boice and Ryken explain some of the miscarriages of justice, like the unlawful cross-examination of Christ by the High Priest, and the wickedness of Pilate in sentencing Christ to death even though he admitted He was an innocent man.
They also compare the legal system to ours, and bring out the truth that Jesus allowed this to happen. He was innocent yes, but not a victim. He was in control, and went to His arrest, trial and execution willingly, because He knew, if He had saved Himself, He could not save others.
The book makes you make a decision about who Christ is and what He came to do. It was a beautiful look at the most important day in human history; the day when history was split in two.

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