Thursday, January 19, 2012

Date Night

Outside my window...snow. Surprise, surprise.
I am's tragic about that cruise ship disaster in Italy. The Captain who abandoned ship claims he "tripped and fell into a lifeboat". Really? That's the best he could come up with? Are there no men of integrity out there?
I am hoping...against hope that there won't be a City Labour disruption, but it's wishful thinking. I don't want to be without my husband. I'm needier than I thought.
I am thankful for...not getting hurt more than I did when I fell on the ice this week. In twenty years, the same thing would result in a broken hip, rather than bruises and achiness. Maybe a sauna will help.
I am uniform; at work.
From the kitchen...chili and bread.
I am unusually quiet unit. Only nine patients tonight.
I am reading...Love on the Line by Deeanne Gist, set in Texas in the early days of the telephone.
Around the daughter's job interview went well. Now we wait. Apparently there is a lot of competition. My husband has been praying for opportunities to witness and two incredible ones happened this past week when two co-workers approached him and just started pouring out their fears. Amazing how that happens sometimes.
One of my favourite date nights. I have gift cards for dinner and a movie tomorrow. Thank you Air Miles and Shoppers Drug Mart.
Some plans for the week...finish my second week of four nights. Go out for dinner with my husband at Boston Pizza and then see a movie; maybe War Horse. Clean on Saturday, maybe visit my eldest daughter's church on Saturday night so we can see her, and then our church on Sunday. Our Pastor is back from Texas after about a month away.

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