Sunday, January 1, 2012

Freshness of a New Year

Outside my window...a howling wind. Thankful for a warm home.
I am thinking...looking forward to the new year, 2012. Not in the least worried about the world ending. God controls that, not the Mayans.
I am be able to keep to my daily Bible reading plan a little longer this year. It’s too much to hope that I can actually do it. How’s that for pessimism. Like Eeyore, “Why do I even have dreams?”
I am thankful for...a good weekend with family and friends, good health, the preaching of the gospel and the Word of God in my hands.
I am wearing...pajamas. No evening service tonight, so I’ve been reading. See the sermon notes below from the message we heard preached this morning.
From the kitchen...roast beef and gravy, mashed potatoes, fish, carrots, beans, and many appetizers from last night.
I am hearing...the howling wind while I sit in front of the Christmas tree. I’ll take down the decorations tomorrow.
I am reading...Thunder in the Morning Calm by Don Brown. I have an autographed copy which I won for commenting on a blog. I have read four of his books, all with a military theme. Love it.
Around the house...Both girls are still at home one more night. They are hooked on reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I have to make time to read it, too. The trailer looks good and I’m not usually a fan of post-apocalyptic books. My husband is finally relaxing with a few days off.
One of my favourite things...the freshness and promise of a new year, like a new school year, or a fresh notebook.
Some plans for the week...still off tomorrow. We plan to go to IKEA. Then I work three nights next week. No plans for the weekend, so far.

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