Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Forward

By Glen Zeidler

Preached on Jan.1, 2012

Ecclesiastes 1

This book is part of the Wisdom Literature, which includes Job, Psalms, Proverbs and Song of Solomon.
This book seems sad, almost cynical.
Why should we trust this book? What qualifies this author to speak about life so authoritatively?
Solomon is not named, but there are clues; son of David, King of Israel, rich, wise.
As we look ahead of us, we can look forward to a sameness. There are things we can expect day after day.
An architectural folly—built for no purpose; pretty, but empty.
Verse two is the theme of this book—Everything is meaningless.
As you grasp for things in this life, it’s like grasping the wind.
Everything is fleeting; nothing is lasting; pursuing empty pleasures.
Was this the way it was supposed to be? No.
At Creation, everything had meaning.
After sin, man began a mundane, difficult existence. Gen. 3:17-19
Creation itself was affected by the fall.
We can’t keep anything.
Our actions have no purpose.
Think of your ancestors. You may be able to name them, but you don’t know them.
The cycles of generations, even the monotony of sunrise and sunset testify to the treadmill of life.
Fruitless activity is unsatisfying. It is wearisome.
We sometimes like to think we are different.
Of the millions of people that pass through history, how many are remembered?
For a non-Christian, your life has no meaning.
A believer’s life has purpose and meaning. We have been called.
The question is not what satisfies us.
What is your focus for the new year?
Build your house on the Rock. Lay up treasures in Heaven. What is the quality of your work for God?

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