Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Virginal Conception

By Pedro Rodriguez

Preached on Jan. 8, 2012

Luke 1:26-38

This doctrine is usually referred to as the virgin birth, but it was really a virginal conception and a natural birth.
The natural mind has trouble accepting this miracle.
It is as difficult to believe as the resurrection.
It is a fundamental belief of the Christian church.
Some modern theologians say it is not compatible with the modern mind.
They are quick to deny any supernatural intervention of God in the affairs of man.
Some say it is not inherent to the doctrine of the incarnation.
This doctrine relates to the truthfulness of Scripture and is linked to the deity of Christ and His sinless human nature.
Some say this idea is borrowed from Greek mythology.
Jesus is the God-Man. It is only possible if it happened this way.
Luke is a good historian and always gives you a time reference. (Luke 1:26)
A betrothal was more formal than ours.
It lasted about a year. She would be referred to as his wife, it could be broken only by divorce, and infidelity would be called adultery.
Joseph is from the line of David. (vs. 27)
Mary is troubled more by the greeting of the angel than his presence.
Judges 6:12 “The Lord is with you” in reference to Gideon.
2 Sam. 1:16 The Davidic covenant.
The name Jesus means Yahweh saves (Matt. 1:21)
Vs. 32 A fulfillment of the promise to David
Vs. 33 An eternal kingdom. Because it is forever, there is no one else coming after Him.
God always keeps his promises; we see this in Scripture and in history.
Mary asks, “How can this be?” she has not had a sexual relationship with Joseph, or anyone (vs.39)
This is the question of the natural man as well.
They laugh at the Christian.
They believe they are neutral, but they are not, because they discount the supernatural.
They are suppressing the truth (Rom. 1:18)
Gabriel’s answer in vs. 35 “The Holy spirit will come upon you.” Similar to the promise of the Holy Spirit to the believers (Acts 1:8) which results in a new birth.
Overshadow = envelope. (Like on the mount of transfiguration).
We must be careful to avoid any idea of a sexual interaction between Mary and the Holy Spirit.
How this actually happened, we don’t know.
The result? The Holy One will be called the Son of God.
Sovereign, divine, unilateral.
Vs. 36 He reassures her by giving her news of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, to show how God is capable of the impossible.
The LORD opens and closes the womb.
Mary’s response. Vs. 38 in faith, submission, obedience and gratitude.
The social implications would have been enormous.
The supernatural nature of Jesus’ birth is compatible with the rest of his life and resurrection.
He had life before life and life after death.
Jesus must be one of us, and yet separate from us, in order to save us.
This doctrine is critical to our Christian faith.
This is tied in to His work on the cross.

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