Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get This Party Started!

Outside my window... a howling cold, strong wind. The swing was pushed off the deck again.
I am thinking...okay. I can finally say it. My daughter is engaged! Her boyfriend came over last week to ask us about marrying her. We told him he didn’t have to ask us, but we appreciated that he did. It says something about his character, doesn’t it? We’re very happy. He’s a believer and we love him. They won’t get married until she gets a job, maybe by this fall. No date set yet. I’M GOING TO BE A MOTHER-IN-LAW!
I am get a handle on our household finances this year. Many changes require us to revisit our budget.
I am thankful daughter’s choice of a husband. Two thumbs up. Extra points because he proposed in a bookstore.
I am yoga pants, a print top and a grey cardigan.
From the kitchen...roast chicken from the grocery store. The greatest invention on busy days.
I am hearing...NCIS Los Angeles.
I am reading... Guardian of the Flame by T.L. Higley. It’s set in Alexandria, Egypt at the time of Caesar and Cleopatra.
Around the oldest is working hard this final semester before she graduates. My youngest is still doing well enough to be on the Dean’s List. My husband is prepping for possible labour disruption. My aunt will be coming from Finland for the wedding this fall.
One of my favourite things... planning parties. This is going to be fun.
Some plans for the week...Daughter and future son-in-law are coming over on Sunday. They are checking out a venue on Monday.

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