Monday, February 27, 2012

Austerity Measures

Outside my window... sunny and mild.
I am thinking...I wish I was better organized. I read so many websites about how to do it, print list after list, and then find I’m just too lazy to actually do it. I only ever feel like cleaning once a month or so.
I am daughter hears back about her summer job application. They’ve been checking her references. Good sign.
I am thankful for...the Women of Faith meeting. It went well and we had good discussion, especially about Jacob’s ladder. One of those light bulb moments.
I am wearing...pajamas. About to take a pre-work nap.
From the kitchen... Shrimp scampi, basmati rice, and asparagus.
I am hearing...the dishwasher.
I am reading...In the Shadow of the Sun King, set in Versailles.
Around the house...our girls were both home for a week. I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped. It’s been two months now, and I’m still keeping up with my Bible reading. I’m in Numbers and Mark. My favourite cousin and his wife were visiting from out of town yesterday, so we went to the Keg for dinner. I wouldn’t have gone out because of our “austerity measures”, but we had a gift card from our future son-in-law at Christmas, so it was almost free. Free is my favourite price. I had steak, shrimp, and scallops, garlic mashed potatoes and Caesar salad. Yum.
One of my favourite things...relatives who are good friends, too.
Some plans for the week... my eleven days off are over. Now I will be working four nights. We are going out for dinner with our Pastor and his wife on Friday night. No plans for the weekend, so far.

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