Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Budget Win!

Outside my window... sunny but windy.
I am thinking...Pinterest is so addictive. I just keep pinning new recipes as if I cook more than I do.
I am figure out why I’m so emotional. I’ve been crying so much over little things.
I am thankful for...being well within our budget this first month. It’s good to pay the bills and still have money left over, but it’s a big change in our life style. We were spending too much and eating out a lot. I must say, I need to focus on being content, instead of feeling cheated. Covetousness doesn’t go without a fight, I’m finding.
I am wearing...jeans, a floral top and a navy cardigan.
From the kitchen...frozen pizza.
I am hearing...Downton Abbey Season two finale. I’ve only seen three episodes and I’m hooked. It’s set in England around the end of WW1 in a manor.
I am reading...Canada and Other Matters of Opinion by Rex Murphy. He’s got that east coast satirical wit and humour.
Around the house...organizing our paperwork so my husband can do our taxes.
One of my favourite things...time off, although it’s going fast, as usual.
Some plans for the week... I’m off for one more week. We went wedding dress shopping yesterday. There has been another change in venue for the wedding.

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