Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

Outside my, but finally not as dark as usual. The fresh snowfall this weekend was actually pretty.
I am thinking...I'm working on Valentine's Day, but I don't mind. My husband is sweet to me all year. Some refer to Valentine's Day as S.A.D. or Single's Awareness Day. If I was single that would probably annoy me. I hated every moment of being single. Some are okay with it, others love the freedom. I was lonely. In Finland they refer to this holiday as Friendship Day, which is more all encompassing, because everyone has a friend, even if they don't have romance.
I am get a lot of organizing done around the house when I'm off; maybe one project per day, as well as some writing.
I am thankful for...good health. In spite of being a hypochondriac, I'm not actually sick. :)
I am wearing...jeans, a blue top and a black cardigan.
From the kitchen...haddock, broccoli and cheese, and roasted sweet potato fries. I've never made sweet potatoes that way before. They were a hit.
I am hearing...traffic on the 401 as we wait on a train delay.
I am reading...A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander, about an art forger. I just finished Reckless Abandon, by David Sitton. He is a missionary our church supports. He had gone to Papua New Guinea as a young man and now is in Texas. He runs a school for church planting missionaries and goes to unreached people groups in Mexico. The book was challenging and encouraging. Papua New Guinea is a country close to my heart. I hope to go there one day.
Around the house...My girls are working hard at their studies right before reading week. I've been finding many bug related ideas and recipes for our summer DVBS. Our family now has a budget and must live within our means. What a concept, eh? We seem to have forgotten how. We may still meet with a Christian financial advisor. One reason I'd like to see a Christian is they won't tell you to stop giving to church as the first thing to cut back.
One of my favourite things...Pinterest. I know I spend way too much time on it, but I'm getting so many ideas and recipes that I actually use. That's my story.
Some plans for the three nights, then I'm off for 11 days! I wanted it to correspond to my daughters' Spring break. We'll be going wedding dress shopping and do some other planning. Friends are coming over on Friday and Sunday.

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