Sunday, February 26, 2012

Can You Trust God?

Preached by Pastor Brian Robinson on Feb. 26, 2012

1 Kings 12

Can YOU trust God? Can you TRUST God? Can you trust GOD?
Israel was to be a theocracy, but they wanted to have a king, to be like the nations around them.
Saul was chosen, but proved to be unworthy.
David was a man after God’s own heart.
Solomon took Israel to new heights of glory.
His foreign wives turned his heart to other gods.
David reigned 40 years, as did Solomon.
125 years after Israel demanded a king, even though God warned them, they were begging Reheboam to lighten the load.
These events were from the Lord, as judgment. (1 Kings 12:24)
Jereboam was a diligent worker and was promoted.
He was Solomon’s servant.
He did not have royal blood. He had to work hard from a young age.
He was the son of a widow.
He didn’t aspire to be a king.
He is accosted by a prophet.
He is given a warning and a promise.
What does this have to do with trusting God?
If circumstances go against you, can you still trust God?
“Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”
Reheboam didn’t follow the advice of the elders, because it had been determined by the LORD.
Reheboam was bothered by the presence of Jereboam.
He put his royal foot down.
He spoke so harshly, he lost his kingdom.
Reheboam becomes the agency of God’s will for Jereboam.
It’s wicked to resist the will of God—it’s rebellion.
Samuel prayed for Saul until God told him to stop praying for him.
Reheboam was going to fight to get his kingdom back, but God told him to stand down.
Jereboam saw that God kept His promise to give him the kingdom, but he didn’t trust Him to keep him.
He took it into his own hands and introduced idols into worship.
Can you trust God in every circumstance?

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