Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reheboam; a King without a Kingdom

Preached by Pastor Brian Robinson on Feb. 11, 2012

1 Kings 12:1-17

Other than David or Solomon, the lesser kings are not well known, but they have much to teach us.
We live in an age that does not recognize that we can learn from the past.
We live in an age of anarchy, rebellion, protests, and resistance.
Also an age of the abuse of authority.
We need to learn submission to good authority and resistance to ungodly authority.
Reheboam was the son of Solomon. His mother was an Ammonite
The nation had prospered in every way.
Cracks were developing in the foundation.
Solomon married many foreign wives who brought their gods with them into the marriage. Thus he introduced foreign gods into the life of Israel.

Principles of Leadership
1)Prayer before big decisions. He had the example of his father. Humility and obedience.
2)Fairness. Don’t show favouritism in church, home, or work.
3)Don’t be hasty to make a decision.
4)Look to elders for good advice. When you get it, why go elsewhere? Often the advice that seems best to us is the one that agrees with our idea. We don’t really want advice, we want confirmation.

The result was the schism of Israel. Ten tribes to the north, two to the south.

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