Monday, January 12, 2009

Good News

Outside my window...winter. More winter. I tossed the leftover Christmas cashews onto the deck and a squirrel is having a feast.
I am thinking...that it's been very encouraging to have some friends read the beginnings of some of my stories to help me decide which one to finish this year. Their comments have made me feel good about my writing. Unfortunately, they all have a different favourite. I guess I just have to make a decision.
I am thankful for...our upcoming vacation. My husband and I are going to a resort in the Mayan Riviera for ten days in March. I'm so excited. We've never been to a resort. I remember when we were first married and I'd see Club Med commercials and wonder if we'd ever be able to afford such a luxury. Now this week we paid off our mortgage, and booked the trip. I know we're only middle class, but some days I feel like the richest woman in the world. I am so blessed and thankful for my life.
From the kitchen...Chicken breasts, rice and broccoli.
I am track pants and a black sweater.
I am reading...Leaving November by Deborah Raney. It's inspirational romance.
I am hoping...that we get a third nurse for tonight. If we don't, it's just plain unsafe.
I am hearing...the dishwasher. I love my dishwasher.
Around the youngest daughter now has contact lenses. She's thrilled about it, but is still taking a while to get them in and out because she's a blinker.
One of my favourite things...a chocolate and vanilla twist soft-serve ice-cream cone on a hot summer day.
A few plans for the four nights (AAARRRGGGHHH!) Pick up my new eyeglasses. I ordered new bifocals that can have the sunglass clips attached so I can read on the beach when we go to Mexico. I also need to buy a few dresses for the dinners on our trip. I also need to keep writing my stories.

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