Thursday, January 29, 2009


Jan. 29, 2009

Outside my window...a gentle snowfall. Apparently, Toronto has already exceeded last years' snowfall amount. We're on our way to getting the most snowfall in 70 years. I would be happy to stop talking about snow, already.
I am thinking...a relatively stable political climate is a good thing. I was afraid the Liberals would vote against the budget of our minority Conservative government and either force another expensive election soon after the last one, or worse, attempt another coup, excuse me, "coalition" like they tried before Christmas. That really made me mad. They weren't voted in, so they banded together; Liberals, Socialists, and even Separatists, to try to seize power. I signed all kinds of petitions (okay two) in my outrage. It takes a lot to get a typical Canadian fired up about politics, but the public outcry was actually a good sign. We're not as apathetic as we may seem. As it stands, they are forcing the Conservatives to table a budget with forty billion dollars on make-work projects. While some infrastructure is necessary to stimulate the economy, I think during a recession, you need to decrease spending. If the average householder lost his job, would it make sense to max out his credit cards? I don't think so. This is just typical Liberal tax-and-spend policies, and they are only getting away with it, because they don't want to force an election right now, or they would surely lose, again.
I am thankful mom's recovery. She had an appointment with the Cardiologist today, and will have some follow-up tests in the near future. She plans to start her daily walks in the neighbourhood again. Hopefully she won't slip and fall and break her ribs like she did last March. :(
From the kitchen...veal stew, biscuits, and salad.
I am wearing...jeans, burgundy v-neck top.
I am reading...Just Jane, by Nancy Moser. It's a fictional look at the life of Jane Austen.
I am have a better attitude about bowling with out church tomorrow night. I always grumble about going, but then I usually have a good time. It's just that I'm not a big fan of bowling anyway, and whenever they want to plan something to do as a group, it defaults back to bowling. Friday is usually our date night, and I feel resentful about it. See why I need a change of attitude? It sounds terrible selfish of me, doesn't it? It's not like I don't get any time with my husband...
I am hearing...a soccer game between two of my favourite teams, Aston Villa and Portsmouth. I'd be happy whoever wins, but I'm happier since A-V is leading 1-0.
Around the house...I am beginning a four-day weekend. I have some shopping and errands tomorrow. My youngest daughter is finished her grade 11 mid-term exams. Both of our girls learned much earlier than we did how to study. They'll do well.
One of my favourite things...having every weekend off. That's a rare thing in the nursing profession.
A few plans for the week...clean my house on Saturday. Begin planning the party for my youngest daughter's baptism in March. Hopefully find some time to write.

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