Monday, January 26, 2009

Still Beating

Jan. 26, 2009

Outside my window...a freezing cold day, -22C. I even had to scrape ice off the INSIDE of the windshield this morning! The only good thing is that it's too cold to snow.
I am thinking...that while it's significant that there is now a black man in the White House, I think his coronation, excuse me, inauguration was over the top. I also think the media is having a love fest for him, expecting him to solve the country's ills. I doubt he can live up to the extremely high expectations, although they'll criticize him less and let him get away with more, just because he's a democrat. Time will tell what kind of President he'll turn out to be. I also think it's sad that so many Christians voted for him, when he's already showing himself to be very liberal when it comes to moral-ethical issues like abortion and embryonic stem cell research. While I admire much about him, I would not have voted for him, were I an American, for the above reasons. I don't believe the world's problems, or even a country's problems will be solved through politics. Countries change when one person at a time surrenders to Christ and lives for Him.
I am thankful mom's health. On Monday, she had the angiogram to investigate her chest pain. They found 85% blockage in one artery. They said they could fit her in that afternoon for an angioplasty, which is basically the insertion of a small straw-like tube into the artery to open it up and improve blood flow while pressing the plaques up against the sides of the artery. That night though, I got a call from the hospital at 11:30 saying she was having chest pain and ECG changes and they were sending her to CCU for observation. I was very concerned. The next morning they repeated the angiogram and found something they had missed the first time: another blockage of 70%. They opened it up with a wire and kept her in CCU for another night of observation. She came home on Wednesday, bruised but better. Both of her brothers had heart attacks at age 47, one had it with only 70% blockage. If they hadn't found these blockages, she may have had a heart attack. i was so relieved that she was in hospital when these complications occurred. Our Pastor visited her in CCU. My greatest concern is for her spiritual health. If not now, then some day. If not this way, another. We all have to die. She will be 69 in March. I would love to see her saved.
From the kitchen...chicken wings, perogies, salad.
I am track pants, a burgundy top.
I am reading...Searching for Spice by Megan DiMaria. It's Christian chick-lit about a woman who is looking to have a sizzling romance with her husband.
I am get my budget for the year organized.
I am hearing...Hold On, by Santana. It brings back memories of my teen years and one day in particular.
Around the youngest daughter is writing mid-term exams this week, Math and Marketing today. My oldest daughter has almost all the support she needs for her missions trip to Scotland.
One of my favourite things...a health care system that is free.
A few plans for the three nights. Go bowling with the people from church on Friday night.

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