Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things I Can Live Without

Five things many people have that I can live without are:

1. A cell phone. I hate talking on the phone. I'm usually with someone in my family and they all have one. I think four phones for five people is more than enough.
2. Jewellery. What I have is not much, but I can't say it interests me. My favourite piece is my emerald and diamond ring my husband bought for me one Christmas.
3. A fancy car. My husband takes the van to work. I take the subway. I hate driving. I appreciate the look of a Jaguar or a royal blue Mazda Miata convertible, but as long as I get from point A to point B, I'm happy.
4. A prestigious job. I much prefer a job that I love. I feel no need even to "move up" within my organization. I prefer looking after patients than doing research or working in a clinic atmosphere.
5. A lot of shoes. Really, I just don't get the shoe thing. A few pairs to match with most things, and I'm content. I'd much rather buy books than shoes.

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