Monday, January 5, 2009

The Wedding

Song of Solomon
Chapter Eight

“If I should find you outside,
I would kiss you;
I would not be despised.”

She wishes she already had freedom to show him affection in public, without attracting comment.

“His left hand is under my head,
And his right hand embraces me.”

She is dreaming of being in her lovers’ embrace.

“Do not stir up nor awaken love
Until it pleases.”

This points to the consummation yet to be.
True love waits.

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness,
Leaning upon her beloved?”

The wedding day is now a reality, and they can walk in public arm in arm.
It is an intimate and typical pose for a couple.

“I awakened you under the apple tree.” Vs.5

That is, ‘began to woo you.’
The context suggests the consummation has now taken place and they are reminiscing about how it all began.
It’s good for couples to remember and talk about early feelings. It helps to rekindle romance.

“For love is strong as death,
Jealousy as cruel as the grave;”
Vs. 6

Love is as strong as the most powerful, negative human experience.
Jealousy, in this case, is a positive zeal, that tolerates no rivals.
Marriage is exclusive and permanent.

“Its flames are flames of fire,
A most vehement flame.
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.”

An eternal flame.

“Then I became in his eyes
As one who found peace.”
Vs. 10

The marriage relationship is (or should be) a place of fulfillment.

“The companions listen for your voice—
Let me hear it.”

The bridegroom is eager to be alone with his bride. You know how newlyweds are!

“Make haste my beloved.” Vs.14

The desire is mutual.
She invites him to come with her.

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