Saturday, December 6, 2008


Dec. 6, 2008

Outside my window...a light snowfall. It is December in Canada, after all, so I guess it's to be expected.
I am thinking...that my first attempt at Pavlova sort of turned out, but I won't serve it tonight because I used waxed paper instead of parchment paper and now it's stuck. Oops. Now I'll have to eat it off the paper with a spoon :) Plan B is cheesecake. See how calm I am? I can hardly believe it, myself.
I am thankful...that we don't have a stranger living in the basement apartment. Becasue it's my mom, I was able to shower in her place while my house is overrun by men.
From the kitchen...warm crab dip with crackers, bacon-wrapped scallops, spinach-stuffed mushroom caps, pina colada punch, cream of leek soup, mixed greens with herbed feta salad, grilled fresh Atlantic salmon fillets, baby carrots and sugar snap peas, wild rice medley, white wine, raspberry cheesecake, coffee and tea. Not our usual supper. It's a dinner party with our Pastor and his wife, and our other deacon and his wife, and my husband and I.
I am wearing...jeans and a blue v-neck top, but later, I think I'll wear a red party dress.
I am reading...Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. It's a modern re-telling of the story of Hosea and Gomer. It's good, so far.
I am hoping...that my daughter will do well on her first term exams in university. Last night she had a three hour exam with only three questions. I assume, yes, no and maybe are not acceptable answers.
I am hearing...a dozen men from church upstairs, having a Mens' Breakfast meeting at our home. They made Western omelets, hash browns, bacon, fruit, juice, coffee and tea. I even snuck upstairs and they served me a plate of food. They've made a mess of my kitchen, though :/ so I'll have to do some mad cleaning between parties. I'm downstairs watching soccer and finishing my Christmas cards.
Around the house...we got our big screen back up and running. For a week we were waiting for a $200 bulb that was out of stock. I hardly know how to relax without a soccer game when I'm looking for something mindless to do. I actually got to spend more time with my husband, but I could've done that while watching soccer.
One of my favourite things...the moment when all the prep work (cards, shopping, decorating, etc.) is done for Christmas and I can just enjoy the time with family and friends.
Some plans for the week...Church tomorrow. Dentist on Monday. Finish the Christmas Cards with our Christmas letter and Christmas shopping. Work four twelve-hour nights. Go out of town, to London, Ontario for our family "Finnish Christmas" with my side of the family. Other than gifts for the little kids, I only need to bring a trifle for dessert. I won't be attempting Pavlova again, for a while.

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