Monday, December 1, 2008

Gearing Up For Christmas

Dec. 1, 2008

Outside my window…the expected snowstorm hasn’t arrived yet.
I am thinking…that my husband’s job is very stressful and causes him many sleepless nights, keeping Toronto’s water clean. After two more weeks and many deadlines, he’ll be able to relax and recharge with two weeks’ off over Christmas.
I am thankful…for the good preaching we heard over the weekend at the SGF Fall Youth Day and in church on Sunday.
From the kitchen…beef stew and biscuits.
I am wearing…sweats and a hoodie.
I am reading…The YaDa YaDa Prayer Group. It’s my first taste of the Christian Chick-Lit genre. It’s too early for a decision yet.
I am hoping…to remain calm at all times, and to find all the ingredients I need for the weekend. I also need to find Christian Christmas cards. Almost every store only carries the secular, “Festive Season, Holiday Greetings, Happy Holidays” ones, and I’m so sick of those.
I am hearing…Gravity, by Soul Decision. It’s a fun song, on one of my homemade CD’s.
Around the house…all my Christmas decorations are up. My daughter’s gone for two weeks until exams are over. My youngest daughter did pass her G-1 test on Friday, but she isn’t the least bit interested in learning to drive. We’re making her take driver’s ed during Christmas or March break, anyway, because it’s an important life skill. I hope her reluctance will make her a more careful driver, rather than an absent-minded one.
One of my favourite things…spending time with friends, especially those comfortable couples you click with from the start.
Some plans for the week…begin posting book reviews onto our new church website. Work three nights. Clean like a ninja and prepare for the men’s breakfast and a dinner party on Saturday night.

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