Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things I Love To Do With My Family

In no order of preference.
1. Eat. We love to eat, at home, at a friends, or in a restaurant. Our favourite choice for eating out as a family is Memories of Japan, where they cook in front of you at your table.
2. Travel, especially some place tropical.
3. Laugh. I have a funny family.
4. Watch a movie that we all agree on, or at least mostly.
5. Listen to good preaching as a family.
6. Reminisce about things we did together.
7. Talk about current events.
8. Play a game. Learn their strengths and weaknesses.
9. Dance; at a wedding, or even in our livingroom.
10. Camp, except they've outgrown it. I'm the only one who would still want to go.
11. Take a road trip. Our kids are great travellers. I'm usually the one who asks, "Are we there yet?"
12. Be silly. We're good at that. Sometimes we don't know when to stop.
13. Have our family devotions. Discuss the Word of God. I like to hear what they're thinking.
14. Share a good book. Discuss what we liked about it. See how their taste in books differs from or mirrors mine.
15. Complete a project together, even if it's done partly under duress, i.e. spring or fall yardwork, shovelling snow, painting a room, or cleaning out a closet.
16. Celebrate a milestone or achievement, like a birthday, graduation or drivers' license.
17. Shop. Girls love to shop. My husband will tolerate it just so we can all be together.
18. Sing. Some of us are better singers, but I can at least contribute to the harmony.
19. See their creativity come out, in poetry, music, or gifts they make for their friends.
20. Serve God and others. I love to see spiritual growth and maturity in them, as they seek God's will in their lives. I see their devotion and discipline as they are baptized, as I see them read their Bibles, or keep a journal, go on Missions trips or help others, and even when they do unpleasant or hidden tasks (like cleaning the church) without grumbling. I'm pleased (for the most part) with their choices regarding friends, music, reading material, and clothing.

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